Last revised: February 12, 2002

CTCP Module

This module provides the normal ctcp replies that you would expect. Without it loaded, CTCP CHAT will not work.

This module requires: server

Put this line into your Eggdrop configuration file to load the ctcp module:

loadmodule ctcp

There are also some variables you can set in your config file:

set ctcp-mode 0

Set here how the ctcp module should answer ctcps. There are 3 possible operating modes:


Normal behavior is used.


The bot ignores all ctcps, except for CHAT and PING requests by users with the +o flag.


Normal behavior is used, however the bot will not answer more than X ctcps in Y seconds (defined by ‘set flood-ctcp’).

There are also several variables to help make your bot less noticeable. They are: ctcp-version, ctcp-finger, and ctcp-userinfo. You can use set to set them to values you’d like.

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