Modules included with Eggdrop

Assoc Module

This module provides assoc support, i.e. naming channels on the botnet.

Blowfish Module

Eggdrop can encrypt your userfile, so users can have secure passwords. Please note that when you change your encryption method later (i.e. using other modules like a md5 module), you can’t use your current userfile anymore. Eggdrop will not start without an encryption module.

Channels Module

This module provides channel related support for the bot. Without it, you won’t be able to make the bot join a channel or save channel specific userfile information.

Compress Module

This module provides support for file compression. This allows the bot to transfer compressed user files and, therefore, save a significant amount of bandwidth.

Console Module

This module provides storage of console settings when you exit the bot or type .store on the partyline.

CTCP Module

This module provides the normal ctcp replies that you’d expect. Without it loaded, CTCP CHAT will not work.

DNS Module

This module provides asynchronous dns support. This will avoid long periods where the bot just hangs there, waiting for a hostname to resolve, which will often let it timeout on all other connections.

Filesys Module

This module provides an area within the bot where users can store and manage files. With this module, the bot is usable as a file server.

IRC Module

This module provides basic IRC support for your bot. You have to load this if you want your bot to come on IRC.

Notes Module

This module provides support for storing of notes for users from each other. Note sending between currently online users is supported in the core, this is only for storing the notes for later retrieval.

Seen Module

This module provides very basic seen commands via msg, on channel or via dcc. This module works only for users in the bot’s userlist. If you are looking for a better and more advanced seen module, try the gseen module by G’Quann. You can find it at

Server Module

This module provides the core server support. You have to load this if you want your bot to come on IRC. Not loading this is equivalent to the old NO_IRC define.

Share Module

This module provides userfile sharing support between two directly linked bots.

Transfer Module

The transfer module provides DCC SEND/GET support and userfile transfer support for userfile sharing.

Twitch Module

The Twitch module modifies Eggdrop to interact with the Twitch service. Twitch uses a modified implementation of IRC so not all functionality will be present. Please read doc/TWITCH for specifics on how to best use the Tiwtch module.

Uptime Module

This module reports uptime statistics to the uptime contest web site at Go look and see what your uptime is! It takes about 9 hours to show up, so if your bot isn’t listed, try again later. See doc/settings/mod.uptime for more information, including details on what information is sent to the uptime server.

Woobie Module

This is for demonstrative purposes only. If you are looking for starting point in writing modules, woobie is the right thing.