Last revised: March 07, 2002

Users and Flags

People on IRC are recognized by the bot according to their nick!user@host. That is, if I am on IRC as:

*** Robey is (i hate milk)

Eggdrop will identify me according to “Robey!” and not only by my nickname.

Eggdrop does not have access levels like some bots. There are no meaningless numbers or titles. Instead, each user has “flags” that entitle them to certain privileges. Think of a flag as a badge. Any user can have any number of flags – you can have no flags, or you can have all of them. Some flags are good, some are bad. Each flag is identified by a letter. A channel flag applies only to a specific channel, and a global flag applies to all channels. The standard global flags are:

Flag Attribute Description
n owner user has absolute control. Only give this flag to people you trust completely.
m master user has access to almost every feature of the bot.
t botnet-master user has access to all features dealing with the botnet.
a auto-op user is opped automatically upon joining a channel.
o op user has op access to all of the bot’s channels.
y auto-halfop user is halfopped automatically upon joining a channel
l halfop user has halfop access to all of the bot’s channels.
g auto-voice user is voiced automatically upon joining a channel.
v voice user gets +v automatically on +autovoice channels.
f friend user is not punished for flooding, etc.
p party user has access to the partyline.
q quiet user does not get voice on +autovoice channels.
r dehalfop user cannot gain halfops on any of the bot’s channels.
d deop user cannot gain ops on any of the bot’s channels.
k auto-kick user is kicked and banned automatically.
x xfer user has access to the file transfer area of the bot the bot.
j janitor user can perform maintenance in the file area of the bot (if it exists) – like a “master” of the file area. Janitors have complete access to the filesystem.
c common this marks a user who is connecting from a public site from which any number of people can use IRC. The user will now be recognized by NICKNAME.
b bot user is a bot.
w wasop-test user needs wasop test for +stopnethack procedure.
z washalfop-test user needs washalfop test for +stopnethack procedure.
e nethack-exempt user is exempted from stopnethack protection.
u unshared user record is not sent to other bots.
h highlight use bold text in help/text files.

All global flags other then u, h, b, c, x, j, and p are also channel-specific flags. Flags are set with the chattr command. The syntax for this command is:

chattr <nickname> [attributes] [channel]

There are also 26 global user-defined flags and 26 channel user-defined flags (Capital letters A through Z). These are used by scripts, and their uses vary depending on the script that uses them.

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