Textfile Substitutions Last revised: March 08, 2002

Textfile Substitutions

These %-variables can be inserted into help files, the banner, the MOTD, and other text files. There are four variables that can be used to format text:


display bold


display inverse


display underline


display flashing via telnet; bold underline via IRC

These variables will be interpreted by Eggdrop and replaced by their respective values:


bot’s nickname (i.e. “LamestBot”)


current Eggdrop version (i.e. “eggdrop v1.9.5”)


long form of %V (i.e. “Eggdrop v1.9.5 (C) 1997 Robey Pointer (C) 2010 Eggheads Development Team”)


channels the bot is on (i.e. “#lamest, #botnetcentral”)


whatever is set in the config file by ‘set admin’


whatever is set in the config file by ‘set network’


the current time (i.e. “15:00”)


the current user’s nickname (i.e. “Robey”)


the current operating system the bot is running on


a percent sign (“%”)

You can also encode messages which can only be read by people with certain flags:

%{+m} Only masters would see this. %{-}

%{+A} Only people with the user flag A see this. %{-}

%{+b} This is only displayed to users doing a remote ‘.motd’ from another bot. %{-}

%{+|m} Only channel masters would see this. %{-}

Other variables:


start splitting output into N columns


same as above, but use a screen width of W


end columnated or restricted (i.e. %{+m}) block


center the following text (70 columns)

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