Patching Eggdrop

Eggdrop is an open source project that depends on contributions of its users- like you! If you come across a feature you’d like to see implemented, find a bug, or think the documentation could be made more clear, you can open an issue on GitHub to discuss your ideas, and then submit a Pull Request to implement it!

Submitting a patch via GitHub

To create a patch via github:

  1. Fork the eggdrop git repo by logging in to your GitHub account and clicking the fork button at the top of the screen. Follow the directions it provides to configure your local repo.

  2. Enter the local directory and create a new branch for your patch:

    git checkout -b <DescriptiveBranchName>
  3. Make your changes

  4. Once you confirm your patch works, push the changes back to your GitHub repo - this is usually done by something similar to:

    git push origin <DescriptiveBranchName>
  5. Create a pull request by clicking on the “Pull Request” button on your GitHub page. Select the appropriate branches (usually eggheads/eggdrop/develop and yourUserName/eggdrop/YourBranchName)

  6. Fill in the Pull Request template and submit

  7. Pour yourself a cold one and bask in the warm feeling of contributing to the open source community! Karma++!

Copyright (C) 1999 - 2023 Eggheads Development Team