Eggdrop, an open source IRC bot

Eggdrop is a free, open source software program built to assist in managing an IRC channel. It is the world’s oldest actively-maintained IRC bot and was designed to be easily used and expanded on via it’s ability to run Tcl scripts. Eggdrop can join IRC channels and perorm automated tasks such as protecting the channel from abuse, assisting users obtain their op/voice status, provide information and greetings, host games, etc.

Some things you can do with Eggdrop

Eggdrop has a large number of features, such as:

How to get Eggdrop

The Eggdrop project source code is hosted at You can clone it via git, or alternatively a copy of the current stable snapshot is located at Additional information can be found on the official Eggdrop webpage at For more information, see Installing Eggdrop

How to install Eggdrop

Installation Pre-requisites

Eggdrop requires Tcl (and its development header files) to be present on the system it is compiled on. It is also strongly encouraged to install openssl (and its development header files) to enable TLS-protected network communication.


A guide to quickly installing Eggdrop can be found here.

Where to find more help

The Eggheads development team can be found lurking on #eggdrop on the Libera network (

Using Eggdrop