Last revised: January 1, 2002

Transfer ModuleΒΆ

The transfer module provides DCC SEND/GET support and userfile transfer support for userfile sharing.

This module requires: none

Put this line into your Eggdrop configuration file to load the transfer module:

loadmodule transfer

There are also some variables you can set in your config file:

set max-dloads 3
Set here the maximum number of simultaneous downloads to allow for each user.
set dcc-block 0
Set here the block size for dcc transfers. ircII uses 512 bytes, but admits that may be too small. 1024 is standard these days. Set this to 0 to use turbo-dcc (recommended).
set copy-to-tmp 1
Enable this setting if you want to copy files to a temporary location before sending or receiving them. This might be useful for file stability, but if your directories are NFS mounted, it's a pain. Setting this to 1 is not advised for big files or if you're low on disk space.
set xfer-timeout 30
Set here the time (in seconds) to wait before an inactive transfer times out.

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