Last revised: May 26, 2004

Filesys ModuleΒΆ

This module provides an area within the bot where users can store and manage files. With this module, the bot is usable as a file server.

This module requires: transfer

Put this line into your Eggdrop configuration file to load the filesys module:

loadmodule filesys

There are also some variables you can set in your config file:

set files-path "/home/mydir/eggdrop/filesys"
Set here the 'root' directory for the file system.
set incoming-path "/home/mydir/eggdrop/filesys/incoming"
If you want to allow uploads, set this to the directory uploads should be put into. Set this to "" if you don't want people to upload files to your bot.
set upload-to-pwd 0
If you don't want to have a central incoming directory, but instead want uploads to go to the current directory that a user is in, set this setting to 1.
set filedb-path ""
Eggdrop creates a '.filedb' file in each subdirectory of your file area to keep track of its own file system information. If you can't do that (for example, if the dcc path isn't owned by you, or you just don't want it to do that) specify a path here where you'd like all of the database files to be stored instead.
set max-file-users 20
Set here the maximum number of people that can be in the file area at once. Setting this to 0 makes it effectively infinite.
set max-filesize 1024
Set here the maximum allowable file size that will be received (in KB). Setting this to 0 makes it effectively infinite.

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